Welcome to AppleJacks BBQ Catering!

Award Winning BBQ & Full Service Catering!

Our BBQ, Catering is cooked on site with oak and fruit wood. We serve 50 – 500+ people! Cooking in the local Redding area since 1993!

Applejacks BBQ Catering is located in Anderson/Redding, California. Our service area extends from Mt. Shasta to Red Bluff and Weaverville to Fall River.

Two Types of BBQ’s for Big Flavor - Open Pit or Smoker

BBQ Smoker for 
						cooking ribs, brisket & pulled pork.

If you’ve never had smoked brisket "Texas Style"...
you’re in for a treat!

Tri-tip cooked on 
						a Santa Maria grill, a California favorite.